Mammoet Ferry Transport Brexit Statement

Soon the United Kingdom will leave the European Union.

Despite ongoing uncertainty, it is still our expectation that there will be agreement on the current Withdrawal Bill and that this will precede a period of transition and an orderly exit. However, it is now prudent to consider the possibility of a "no deal" Brexit and with this in mind we would ask that you consider your options both in preparation for and post-Brexit.


If the UK leaves without a deal the processes for trading with the EU will be similar to those which already take place when trading with the rest of the world – conditions widely referred to as those laid down by WTO (World Trade Organisation)


For those clients who only have experience of moving cargo within the European Union, please be aware of the following basic essential criteria for customs clearance procedures.


EORI NUMBER: Please check that your company has a valid EORI number. This is an essential requirement for customs clearance. If you do not have an EORI number you can apply for one here;




COMMODITY CODES: Individual commodity codes apply to all cargo transiting internationally and it is the responsibility of the exporter and/or importer to ensure that the correct commodity codes are in place for the goods you are exporting or importing as these will be used to calculate the correct rates of duty are applied. You can find out more about Commodity codes here:




COMMERCIAL INVOICES / PACKING LISTS: In order to transit customs all shipments must have a commercial invoice provided by the exporter and containing the following nformation as a minimum

* Exporters full name and address including vat number and EORI number

* Importers full name and address, VAT number and contact details 

* Description and value of goods

* Commodity Codes, 

* Gross and nett weights, Packaging details

* Country of Origin. 

* Terms of Sale (incoterms)


This information will be required in advance of cargo being loaded to trailers as it is expected that Port / Ferry operators will not permit trailers onto their quays until it is evident that they will clear Export and Import Customs formalities and not cause delay at terminals.


Mammoet Ferry Transport is working closely with Port / Ferry Operators and Customs authorities and has guaranteed, daily, block-bookings across scheduled North Sea Ferry routes and we are confident that we have everything in place to provide service continuity for our customers throughout the Brexit journey.


Please do not hesitate to contact your local Mammoet Ferry Transport office for more advice or information.


Useful Links  :


- http://madb.europa.eu

- www.getreadyforbrexit.eu

- www.douane.nl